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Who’s Accountable for the Interconnected Supply Chain?

As the world’s supply chains become increasingly interconnected, the responsibility for ensuring a smooth, end-to-end process starts to fall on the shoulders of a lot more suppliers, distributors, and business partners. Faced with this reality, companies must not only ensure that their own processes and procedures are running smoothly, but that their suppliers are also […]

Three Tips for Overcoming Common Supply Chain Problems that Cut into Profits

The salesperson that expedites an order to overnight airfreight because a customer calls to see why it hasn’t arrived yet, the supplier that isn’t being held accountable for its inability to fulfill an order on time, and the carrier that consistently fails to meet shipment delivery expectations all add costs to their companies’ supply chains. […]

Why is Big Data Such a Big Deal?

If the amount of data flowing into, out of, and within the four walls of your company is out of control, you’re not alone. Organizations of all sizes are experiencing the impact of the Information Age, and even government agencies admit that they’re feeling overwhelmed by data fatigue right now. The National Security Administration isn’t […]