Hanover Foods Cuts Costs & Improves Efficiency with Kuebix [Case Study]

Plus: how they stopped wasting time and streamlined logistics.


In just nine months, Hanover Foods saved $1 million by getting the best rates and optimizing their freight shipments with the Kuebix TMS.

On top of significant financial savings, the Hanover Foods team was able to ditch the never-ending paper trail which saved them some much-needed time and enhanced their process.

Watch this brief case study video to hear what Hanover Foods’ Manager of Logistics and Process Improvement, James Osborn, has to say about Kuebix’s impact, including how they were able to:

  • Select the best negotiated rate for each shipment
  • Optimize and consolidate their shipments
  • Automate freight pay and audit functions

There are more than 40 food and beverage accounts using the Kuebix TMS to their advantage. Let’s talk about how we can help your company improve efficiency and save money.


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