Share the value of Kuebix & earn rewards!

We're excited to introduce the Kuebix Referral Program!


The Kuebix Referral Program simply requires you to complete this form in order to refer Kuebix to your industry contacts at another company. Introduce Kuebix to any of your customers or suppliers responsible for their freight operations and Kuebix will do the rest.

How the Kuebix Referral Program works for you:

  • If the referral company signs up for a free trial or purchases a subscription we will immediately send you a $50 AMEX gift certificate (As long as they are not a currently paying customer or currently enrolled in a free trial. You’ll receive 1 AMEX gift certificate per company referral.)
  • If the referral company signs up for a Kuebix TMS subscription your company will receive a 10% discount off of your subscription for one year starting the month following the referrals enrollment month.  (Up to 50% of your bill or a max of $1,000)*
  • The company you referred will also receive the benefit of a 10% discount off of their first year subscription

*Refund will be issued at end of the year in one sum.

Refer a Freight Operations Contact

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