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Finding the best less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping rates and quotes from the top carriers is no longer a logistical nightmare!

Kuebix transportation management system (TMS) provides instant access to direct carrier rates, saving you much-needed time and money by putting a stop to the endless paper trail and non-stop calls. In one easy-to-use system, you can quickly rate, quote, book and track the best LTL freight rates.

Why Choose the Kuebix TMS for LTL Shipping Quotes?

  • Get freight rates from all your less-than-truckload LTL carriers in one place.
  • Pick the best carrier by viewing all your LTL freight rates side by side.
  • Compare LTL & FTL freight rates and save.
  • Save money with spot quotes.
  • Create, quote, book and manage LTL shipments on any mobile device.
  • Automate the processes you used to spend hours doing manually.
  • View and print BOL, tender and shipping labels.
  • Track and trace shipments with real-time carrier updates.

Moreover, with a free Kuebix TMS account or a more advanced Business Pro solution, shippers get instant access to their direct carrier rates & quotes, saving them much-needed time and money by putting a stop to the endless paperwork trail and non-stop phone calls traditionally associated with tracking & managing transportation. Kuebix users simply connect their login credentials through the system and can begin rating and booking within minutes.

How Does Kuebix TMS Provide Best LTL Quotes & Rates?

By signing up with Kuebix TMS, users can be up and running with a full TMS in the time it takes to book a flight online. Kuebix has developed web services (API) integrations with every top carrier that supports these integrations to make the process of connecting quotes & rates simple and straightforward for shippers.

What LTL Carriers Does Kuebix Work With?

Kuebix works with most major North American Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers and helps shippers connect their LTL rates for easy and impartial side-by-side comparing. Some of the LTL carriers that Kuebix works with include Estes, YRC Freight, UPS Freight, and FedEx Freight. Users can use Kuebix TMS to better understand their different options and choose the one that best suits their business needs.

What Our Clients Think:

“Kuebix Shipper is packed with features and we immediately realized freight savings through rate comparison and the ability to easily request spot quotes. We are now able to create numerous shipment reports including a quote report for accounts payable to quickly audit every invoice, and a carrier performance report that allows us to maintain superior customer satisfaction. With the combination of low cost and great features, Kuebix TMS is a win for everybody.”

Mike Koehler | Polytek

“Kuebix TMS takes the guesswork out of determining which carrier offers the best rate and shortest transit time for our shipments. We are saving a tremendous amount of time now that we can view all our rates in one place and no longer need to visit all the different carriers’ websites.”

Peter Frey | F&M Supply

“Kuebix TMS has been providing The Paper Store with logistics solutions since 2008. By combining its deep industry knowledge with a TMS that is able to scale and adapt to our needs, Kuebix has been able to deliver value year after year.”

Tom Anderson | The Paper Store

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