supply chain 20/20
Kuebix Founder Dan Clark and his team of industry experts share their view on the future of supply chain logistics.


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7 Back-to-School Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Back to School Blog Technology TMS

Schools will be back in session in a few short weeks, and for some, classes have already started! As kids cram an array of notebooks into their backpacks and parents rush to assemble lunches so their …

FedEx’s Breakup with Amazon Draws Battle Lines in the Fight for Shipping

Amazon Amazon Effect Blog Final Mile Parcel TMS Trends

FedEx is breaking up with Amazon as the e-commerce giant continues to make waves in the shipping industry.

Tariffs and Trucking: Where Do We Stand?

Blog Tariffs TMS Trade

Both the United States and China are implementing new tariffs involving steep tax increases that are complicating the traditionally codependent economic relationship.

Making Your Supply Chain Green Doesn’t Have to Cost You Green

Blog Green Supply Chain Supply Chain TMS

The transportation industry has a notoriously significant impact on the environment.

Training the Next Generation of Truck Drivers to Combat Increasing Customer Demand

Blog Driver Shortage e-Commerce

As e-commerce becomes more popular amongst the growing population, the trucking industry faces an increase in shipping demands.

Rising Consumer Expectations are Prompting Change in Food Supply Chains

Blog Customer Experience Food and Beverage Trends

The food industry is no stranger to steadily rising consumer expectations and standards. It’s becoming increasingly normal for consumers to shop for food in a variety of ways.

5 Alternative Fuels that Will Reenergize the Transportation Industry

Blog Earth Day Energy Sustainability Technology Trends

The transportation industry relies heavily on diesel to help it successfully transport products from manufacturers to consumers via trucks worldwide.

Preparing Your Supply Chains for Hurricane Season

Blog Trends Weather

If you live or work anywhere along the eastern seaboard of the United States, you know the panicked feeling when you hear on the news that a major hurricane is approaching.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 – ‘Christmas in July’ for E-Commerce

Amazon Effect Blog e-Commerce Holiday

Today marks the start of the fifth-annual Amazon Prime Day – a 48-hour marathon of discounts on a wide array of products offered exclusively to Amazon Prime members.

Amazon is Taking Prime to New Heights With Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Effect Blog Drones e-Commerce

With the extreme ease and convenience free 2-day shipping gives customers, Amazon is already changing the world.