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Kuebix Founder Dan Clark and his team of industry experts share their view on the future of supply chain logistics.


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Meet Sustainability Goals with the Help of a TMS


U.S. Senator Gaylord Wilson, from Wisconsin, witnessed the effects of a massive oil spill along the California coast in 1969, motivating him to bring attention to the environment.

What is a TMS?


Many shippers have identified opportunities in their supply chains that could be improved by leveraging technology.

Driving Collaboration Through Visibility

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According to Supply Chain Insights, supply chain visibility comes in as one of the top “elements of business pain in supply chain.

3 Fundamental Issues of Inbound Shipping and How to Correct Them

Collaboration Inbound Visibility

There is a profound difference between inbound and outbound logistics – inbound deals with the delivery of raw materials or goods coming into a business, while outbound logistics refers to goods lea…

What You Need to Know About Calculating Freight Rates

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For shippers, calculating freight costs can be one of the hardest expenses to predict and can seriously impact the bottom line.

The Recipe for an Unbeatable Inbound Freight Management Strategy

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Managing inbound freight operations is an ongoing challenge for businesses with large numbers of suppliers.

What Should You Pay For Your Freight?

News Supply Chain 20/20 TMS

Calculating freight rates is a critical step for any business with product to ship.

Imported Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

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“My business is booming,” said one of our clients in the steel and metal industry.

Kuebix Recognized by Gartner with First-Time Positioning in 2018 Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems

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Thoroughly vetting the capabilities of different providers is a monumental task most companies undertake before choosing to integrate new technology into their business.

The Evolution of E-Commerce

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The e-Commerce industry is booming, and this has caused many organizations to overhaul their transportation operations due to the high volume of small orders that require Amazon-like delivery times.