supply chain 20/20
Kuebix Founder Dan Clark and his team of industry experts share their view on the future of supply chain logistics.


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The State of the Supply Chain Industry: Mid-Year Predictions

Blog Trends

It’s June and the half-way point of the year. Kuebix made predictions about the industry at the first of the year.

The Supply Chain Industry’s Changing, Are You Keeping Up?

Blog Supply Chain

It’s no secret that the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and supply chain professionals are scrambling to keep up.

O Truck Driver, Where Art Thou?

Blog Driver Shortage

The driver shortage is real, and getting worse. The American Transportation Association says that the US needs to hire about 900,000 drivers to keep up with demand.

Digital Supply Chains are Becoming the Industry Norm

Blog Digital Supply Chain

In the Material Handling Institute’s (MHI) 2018 annual survey on next generation supply chains, 80 percent of the respondents “believe that the digital supply chain will be the predominate model w…

Customer Experience in the Age of E-Commerce

Blog Customer Experience

Retailers used to be able to lean on the stability of brick-and-mortar stores to provide a satisfactory customer experience.

Circular Supply Chain – The Missing Link

Blog Sustainability

The phrase ‘input equals output’ has been flipped on its head. Now, modern supply chains are seeing the benefits of ‘output equals input’ in their operations.

How to Buy a TMS

Blog TMS

The combination of the capacity crunch and new government regulations are causing transportation costs to soar – and are expected to continue this trend into the future.

Cargo Thieves’ New Strategy Hitting Shippers Hard


Cargo theft continues to be a pain-point for shippers in every industry as metrics from Q1 of 2018 roll in.

The ERP Integration Highway

Blog Integration

Many companies are discovering the benefits of using a TMS to streamline their transportation operations.

Tracking KPIs on Carrier Scorecards to Improve Shipper-Carrier Relationships

Blog Carrier Scorecards

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an effective way to measure the performance of your transportation operations, including the performance of your carriers.