The Evolution of Online Shopping

Online shopping is extremely popular because of its convenience and wide range of available products. Even though we don’t necessarily notice, the process and platforms behind online shopping are constantly changing in response to consumer priorities and interests. 

Online Shopping on Social Media Platforms

The pandemic pushed online shopping further into the spotlight because it gave consumers a safer, contactless way to shop during a time of major uncertainty. With people spending so much time at home over the past year, social media’s role in everyday life has become heavily emphasized and resulted in the creation of social-media driven commerce

While most social media platforms have always incorporated product advertisements into their layout, both paid and free product promotion is becoming more prominent in the content itself. Influencers are posting videos and pictures about their experience with products and sometimes recommending them to their audiences. Now with social-media driven commerce, users can purchase the products mentioned in conversation without ever leaving the app. It’s a small change, but it makes the entire process easier and allows them to keep scrolling through their feed as soon as the purchase is complete. 

Consumer Trends Set to Impact the Process

The rise of online shopping is not set to slow down anytime soon. The pandemic has driven many consumers to shop online for typically in-person items like groceries online, but it’s the convenience of the process that keeps them coming back. However, shifts in consumer priorities and trends will still impact the future of online shopping.

One of the most significant trends that has become more prominent in recent years is consumers feeling more sensitive about price. Last year was unpredictable for everyone and many people feel more conscious of their spending as a result. Keeping prices on the more affordable side of the spectrum will make online shoppers more comfortable with checking out unless they are convinced that the value is really there.

Additionally, consumers have become increasingly concerned with the sustainability and health factors associated with what they’re buying. Consumers are more inclined to shop from companies with active sustainability initiatives. Growing environmental concerns have made everyone feel encouraged to do their part and make more conscious decisions whenever possible. Food, beverage and skincare products that have clearly displayed nutrition labels with ingredients consumers can recognize are having more success online and in stores. Shoppers are much more concerned with what they’re putting in their bodies and on their skin. Feeling like they know what a product is made of and can trust the brand behind it is important to online shoppers.

The process of online shopping and how brands are advertising their products will always be subject to change in order to keep up with shifts in consumer trends. Supply chains have their work cut out for them as they keep up with fluctuations in demand and preference all while keeping stores and warehouses for online order distribution stocked!