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Creating a “One-Stop Shop”

DC Velocity 9/30/20

Now, in the latest iteration of freight technology tools, TMS and DFM providers are joining forces by building bridges between their platforms, saying they can speed up the contracting process by exchanging data instantaneously, thus creating marketplaces where shippers and carriers can find their perfect match.

“It’s about connecting the communities of carriers and shippers, both for contracted rates and for spot rates when you need additional capacity,” says Dave Lemont, vice president and general manager at Kuebix, a TMS vendor that announced in June it had integrated its software with DFM firm Loadsmart’s freight platform. As part of their collaboration, the developers created an application programming interface (API) that automatically provides live Loadsmart freight rates to any Kuebix user looking for a truckload spot quote.

Kuebix says the deal benefits its current customers by making its platform more of a “one-stop shop.” “Customers really want one place to manage all of their freight, [whether] they’re doing less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload, international, or parcel. We don’t want to make people learn a second interface and print out reports from a second source. That’s why travelers go to Expedia to book plane tickets instead of visiting the American Airlines site only,” Lemont says.

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