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Furniture Manufacturer Accelerates Supply Chain, Expands Network with TMS

October 18, 2018 – SupplyChainBrain

Global furniture manufacturer Inmod has been thriving with an optimized supply chain for nearly 20 years, company managers say. Still, they were looking for a smarter way to manage transportation operations.

In 2003, online retail was new to many, and the concept of shopping for furniture on the web proved difficult for most consumers to fathom. Moreover, “iconic modern design” was all but exclusive to the few who could afford it.

Nevertheless, the company developed a small collection of American-made classic furniture and lighting reproductions, which apparently caused a buzz that consumers connected with. Looking to create a truly tactile online experience, Inmod developed fully-interactive online apps allowing customers to design their own furniture, bedding and pillows in real time with almost limitless choices. All products were domestically manufactured.

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