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Kuebix Announces Suite of Packaged Integrations Between Leading ERP Products and Kuebix TMS

Users Can Bi-Directionally Integrate Orders and Financials with Kuebix TMS

GlobeNewsWire, Kuebix LLC

MAYNARD, Mass., July 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kuebix, creator of a transportation management system that’s building the most connected shipping community, announces a suite of packaged ERP integration products that connect seamlessly to Kuebix TMS. These solutions can be rapidly implemented, increasing the customer’s return on investment for both their ERP system and TMS. Companies that connect their ERP functionalities with their TMS processes can achieve 100% shipment accuracy by avoiding manual entry, reduce time related to keying in orders and access analytics that allow users to understand cost down to the line item.

ERPs that Kuebix integrates with include NetSuiteMicrosoft Dynamics, Oracle, Infor, SAP, Sage, JD Edwards, Sage 100, QuickBooks and many others.

Key Benefits of Integrating Kuebix with an ERP:

  • Order creation is automated, streamlining the entire shipping process
  • All stakeholders get visibility into everything from cost to final delivery details
  • The true, landed cost of goods can be understood and managed
  • Freight audit and payment are automated and tracked back to the ERP

Kuebix simplifies the process of integrating an ERP system with this methodology:

  1. Kuebix leverages a common middleware connector that maps ERP order and item information and automatically creates orders within the technology.
  2. These orders are stored in Kuebix in preparation for shipping departments to simply scan or enter the order number into a lookup field to get rates and begin shipping.
  3. Once the order is shipped, Kuebix notifies the ERP system and updates the order with shipment details. (Tracking number, cost, carrier, time in transit, GL code, etc.)
  4. Each ERP connector includes a configurable trigger function to automatically create orders, status changes or approval processes to tell Kuebix to pull the order details. This process allows for a seamless flow of data between the two systems.
  5. Once shipped in Kuebix, shipment details are mapped back to the target ERP system for accurate record keeping and visibility for all stakeholders.

“Users can now leverage the investment they’ve already made with their core ERP, order management, and financial solutions to boost efficiency in their supply chains,” said Dan Clark, Kuebix Founder and President. “By having orders, shipment details and financial information flow between the systems, our customers are taking an important step toward automating their entire shipping operation.”

Bi-directional ERP integrations save users time, reduce errors, and save companies money in their supply chains. This leaves users in the best position to leverage Kuebix’s other money-saving features like scorecards and analytics to make better shipping decisions and ultimately reduce their cost of goods.

Learn more about Kuebix’s suite of packaged integrations by clicking here.

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