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Kuebix Helps Companies Better Meet Customer Expectations

Recent Supply Chain Fiascos Like Build-A-Bear Put Focus on Collaboration and Visibility of Logistical Planning with Promotional Campaigns

MAYNARD, Mass, July 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kuebix, creator of a transportation management system (TMS) that delivers true freight intelligence, understands the importance of meeting customer expectations. Demand fluctuations frequently occur within supply chains, but promotions can create additional risk to a brand’s reputation and a decline in customer satisfaction if not managed properly. Customer experience and expectations are rising in importance within supply chains; a negative experience can harm a brand significantly, while a positive encounter can create a boost to the bottom line. Businesses need to gain visibility into their supply chain processes to create efficiencies that lead to customer satisfaction with effective planning of resources.

Sometimes, promotions meant to boost customer satisfaction can have the opposite effect. Most recently, Build-a-Bear’s “Pay Your Age” promotion came under scrutiny when hundreds of customers all over the country stood in line for hours at a time to get a bear, yet many walked away empty handed. The company hadn’t prepared their supply chain to handle the increase in business. Even though Build-a-Bear generously offered vouchers to shoppers who stood in line, and extended the offer all year long, many customers were left with a bad taste in their mouths and took to social media to voice their concerns. To avoid disappointing customers, businesses can use technology to prepare for sudden spikes in demand resulting from promotions or unforeseen events.

“By leveraging the power of technology, retailers gain end-to-end visibility so that customer service expectations can be met,” said Dan Clark, Founder and President of Kuebix. “Promotions take multi-departmental collaboration to ensure availability of parts and materials, open production lines, and scheduled carriers. With close collaboration throughout the promotion, the logistics operation, sales and marketing, manufacturing and executive management teams can all ensure the promotion runs well. This will help achieve superior customer service levels and contribute positively to companies’ bottom lines.”

Disruptions occur to supply chains every day, but companies need to be ready for these eventualities. Technology that offers real-time, connected visibility across the supply chain allows retailers to react quickly to any change in demand.

In addition to improving supply chain visibility to increase reaction times to supply chain disruptions, shippers can use technology to speed up their supply chains for a better customer experience. Technology can help shippers find scarce capacity to ensure shipments can be made on-time and in full. Loads can be consolidated to lower costs and optimize resource space. More efficient routes can be planned using powerful route optimization tools to reduce mileage and speed deliveries. Trucks can speed through yards by scheduling time slots at docks. All these processes are being made possible by technology and are helping shippers better meet customer expectations to keep their brand reputation perfectly tuned.

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