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Kuebix Offers Convoy Dynamic Pricing to Shipping Customers

Integration gives shippers more resources when sourcing capacity 

FreightWaves 10/5/20

By Brian Straight

Kuebix has opened the door to more capacity options for its shipping partners with a new integration with Convoy. Kuebix will now offer Convoy’s dynamic pricing within its Community Load Match on its transportation management system (TMS).

“Our fast-growing shipping community relies on Kuebix to efficiently find carriers, compare rates and manage their transportation operations,” said Mike Sofer, vice president of business development at Kuebix. “By integrating Convoy’s dynamic pricing into Kuebix Community Load Match, we are providing our shippers more opportunities to easily find and book truckload capacity.”

Kuebix users can take advantage of Convoy’s automated real-time pricing algorithms and easily book backup and spot capacity with the integration.

“Dynamic pricing is the best solution for managing a flexible supply chain,” said Brooks McMahon, vice president of partnerships at Convoy. “We have seen a 500% increase in usage in Convoy’s pricing APIs over the past few months and are excited to make these capabilities available to all shippers in Kuebix.”

Convoy introduced dynamic pricing in 2018 as a way for shippers to deal with unfamiliar carriers and higher spot prices common during times of tight capacity. Users of Community Load Match will see a Convoy rate that can be booked and matched within the Kuebix TMS.


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