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Kuebix partners with Emerge freight marketplaces to increase its truckload capacity offering

May 03, 2019 Vishnu Rajamanickam, staff writer

Kuebix, a transportation management company, has partnered with Emerge, a private freight marketplace provider, to announce the addition of the Emerge marketplace to its Community Load Match platform. Shippers on the Kuebix platform will now have access to higher truckload capacity; courtesy of Emerge’s burgeoning digital marketplace. Since its inception, Kuebix has stood for process digitalization, and the roster of features within its transportation management system (TMS) solution helps businesses manage their end-to-end logistics operations from a single platform.

Kuebix provides an enterprise TMS to its clients, with it supporting all modes of shipping, and provides businesses with rates, booking, tracking and analytics solutions. The newly forged partnership with Emerge is a genuine attempt to solve the capacity crunch issues of shippers, which will now be “available at attractive market rates and service levels,” said the company in a statement.

“We’re pleased to connect the Kuebix shipping community with Emerge’s massive network of brokers and direct carrier assets,” said Dan Clark, founder and president of Kuebix. “Kuebix is uniquely providing our customers access to their contracted rates alongside a digital spot marketplace for additional truckload capacity, all in one convenient system. Now members of the Kuebix community get the best of both worlds to find the most efficient rates and the capacity they require to meet their shipping needs.”

The trucking industry is in the middle of a technology upheaval, as companies are phasing out legacy systems and moving data streams to the cloud. Though technology was expensive at the start of this decade, with only the big fleets and dispatchers having access to them, the prices have come down considerably and are now affordable across the board. The idea behind Kuebix is to democratize transportation management within the industry, and its partnership with Emerge is to further reinforce its presence in the TMS segment.

Crawford explained that the Kuebix platform directly connects to Emerge’s shipping community, which has “opened the door to a brand-new group of potential direct customers overnight.”

Though the partnership is still in its nascent stages, the feedback from Kuebix’s shipper community has been overwhelmingly positive, stated Crawford. “Strategic partnerships with dynamic, innovative and industry-altering companies like Kuebix will only further drive the already dramatic growth that we are experiencing…which is built on a foundational philosophy of providing shippers with technology-based solutions that save them both time and money.”

Kuebix believes that this association will increase transparency within the truckload spot market. Shippers in the system can now automate their freight hauling operations and leverage truckload capacity – all without the need to manually call and book loads.

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