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The “Internet of Shipping” is upon us


December 17, 2018

Transportation tracking technology is certainly widespread and available. Yet, shippers, who are pressuring for change, have been frustrated in efforts at obtaining that information in any kind of timely manner.

“The shipper says [to its freight forwarder] ‘I need to know where is my product. And I want my invoice electronically. And I want to read directly off the Web site. I want to be able to keep track of every transaction with you. And I don’t want to call you anymore,’” said David Lemont, the CEO of transportation management systems developer Kuebix.

That’s where these technology providers see a huge opening, not only in supplying shippers and their freight forwarders with data and in a timely fashion, but in interpreting that data.

“Systems like ours provide analytics and dashboards that accumulate all this information for analysis,” said Lemont. “Then you can also add a planning function. We have modules that allow you to consolidate shipments, optimize the routes that are taken, the least expense, least amount of mileage, scheduling its arrival and managing it. We keep track of the costs every step of the way.”

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