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Is Your Supply Chain Prepared for What Happens Next?

Making the Case for Cloud-Based TMS

The supply chain is seeing massive peaks and valleys in demand for shipping due to Covid-19. As the market starts to heat up again, even more challenges are expected to arise. How do shippers ensure that their lanes are covered? How do supply chain stakeholders collaborate remotely? And how can shippers build their bench of carriers now, so that they can ensure optimal coverage as the economy grinds back into gear.

The answer to these questions and many more are considered in “Is Your Supply Chain Prepared for What Happens Next?” Hear Dave Lemont and Luke Lefkowitz discuss how Kuebix’s cloud-based TMS and the Kuebix shipping community can be leveraged to move past the challenges brought about by Covid-19. Learn how a combination of collaboration, visibility and capacity will position your company for the greatest chance of success.



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