Holman Parts Distribution Uses Kuebix as a Complete Supply Chain and Logistics Tool


Holman Parts is a national supplier of OEM powertrain and core collection services in the automotive industry. Before implementing Kuebix TMS, Holman was managing their logistics operations in a decentralized manner. Each location had their own processes in place and there wasn’t any standardization. The company wasn’t taking advantage of using regional carriers or finding synergies between shipments because they didn’t have any data to work off of.

Holman implemented Kuebix TMS as their transportation management solution in 2016 and now uses the system across all of their distribution centers. The software provides invoice auditing, vendor management tools and to strategically plan large-scale changes like new distribution centers. Holman uses the TMS as an ‘all-in’ logistics and supply chain tool and knows they are always choosing the most efficient, least expensive way to ship their products when they book using Kuebix.

Watch Holman Parts Distribution’s Logistics and Operations Manager, John Conte; and Controller, Michele Morelli discuss how Kuebix is providing their company visibility to shipments, saving significant money, and automating processes to cut down on wasted time.

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