Kuebix Shipper

Take Back Control of Your Logistics Operation

Get instant access to real-time freight shipping rates and find the best deals from the top carriers in the industry.

Rate, Book & Track Freight for Free with Kuebix Shipper

Say goodbye to the endless phone calls and never-ending paper trail. With Kuebix Shipper, you can avoid the logistical nightmare of shipping freight, and begin rating, booking and tracking your shipments in the time it takes to purchase a flight online.

In one, easy-to-use system, you’re able to:

  • Find the best LTL, TL and Parcel rates
  • Book orders instantly
  • Manage your carriers’ negotiated rates
  • Request and receive spot quotes
  • Track your shipments 24/7

And you can do it all for free with Kuebix TMS!

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