Kuebix Tops 5000 Companies Using its Transportation Management System (TMS)

Shippers Leverage Growth of Global Logistics Community to Optimize Costs, Find Capacity, Improve Efficiencies


February 7, 2018 (Maynard, MA) – Kuebix, creator of a transportation management system (TMS) that delivers true freight intelligence, announces that Kuebix TMS has been adopted by over 5000 companies. This includes Kuebix Business Pro, Kuebix Enterprise and Kuebix Free Shipper, the industry’s first free multimodal TMS that offers unlimited rating, booking and tracking of TL, LTL and parcel freight, which was launched on October 23, 2017. The rapid growth of Kuebix TMS solutions can be attributed to its scalable cloud-based system; ease of use, integration and upgrade; and the depth and breadth of features that lead to greater efficiencies and lower transportation costs.

“Kuebix TMS is growing at a tremendous rate. Many days we are adding over 100 new users and Kuebix is rapidly becoming a standard in our industry,” said Dan Clark, Founder and President of Kuebix. “The rapid adoption of our transportation management system is driving our Global Logistics Community to be the largest network of shippers and carriers in the world.”

In conjunction with the rapid adoption of Kuebix TMS, the Kuebix Global Logistics Community has greatly expanded with supply chain trading partners connecting to the collaborative network to gain access to community-benefitting services such as sharing or matching loads. The ecosystem of shippers, suppliers and carriers within the community use Kuebix TMS to gain visibility of opportunities to coordinate capacity with demand. Members leverage the community’s carrier ecosystem to establish direct relationships, test price elasticity, and match demand to capacity for LTL volume and truckload shipments.

Kuebix TMS is available in Kuebix Shipper, the free TMS; Kuebix Business Pro and Kuebix Enterprise, modular TMS solutions that seamlessly scale with premier applications and integrations to empower visibility and collaboration across any size supply chain.


About Kuebix

Founded by a freight industry technology innovator, Kuebix offers a transportation management system (TMS) with Freight Intelligence that enables companies to capitalize on supply chain opportunities through visibility, control and the use of predictive analytics. Kuebix is democratizing the rating, booking and tracking of freight with its free TMS, Kuebix Shipper, which can be ready to use in minutes.

Shippers looking for financial management, advanced analytics and other premium features can upgrade to Kuebix Business Pro or Kuebix Enterprise and then seamlessly add Premier Applications and Integrations as needed. Kuebix also offers unique Managed Service Programs to businesses looking to partially or fully outsource transportation management.

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