WSI Kuebix Supply Chain 2019 Predictions

Logistics Challenges That Will Shape The Supply Chain in 2019

WSI 8/6/19

As we move forward into 2019, supply chain stakeholders will experience some old headaches, as well as some revolutionary new trends. The following issues will likely make an impact on your supply chain in 2019:

1. Capacity Crunch

The driver shortage and capacity crunch were voted the biggest challenge for supply chains in 2019 in a Kuebix poll of industry professionals. Despite the American Trucking Associations reported 11 percent decline in driver turnover at large carriers, the shortage of truck drivers will not be solved in 2019 either.

Carriers are spending more and getting more creative with driver recruitment, but these initiatives will not provide short-term relief to the trucking capacity crisis facing the U.S. freight sector. In the meantime, rail CEOs expect more intermodal growth in 2019 as shippers find alternate methods to move their freight, according to Progressive Railroading. Other modes might not be so lucky, as ports and ocean shippers may see delays if available drayage trucks can’t be found to move containers off the dock.

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