Kuebix Community Load Match

Kuebix Community Load Match Saves Shippers Money on Truckload Rates While Increasing Business for Brokers and Digital Freight Matching Firms

Kuebix Community Load Match provides carriers with direct access to shippers with available freight and helps shippers expand their access to capacity and attractive rates

GlobeNewsWire, Kuebix LLC

MAYNARD, Mass., Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kuebix, a leading TMS software provider and creator of the Kuebix shipping community, is providing win-wins for shippers and carriers with its built-in truckload spot market feature, Kuebix Community Load Match. Any Kuebix user can easily post a load to Community Load Match to quickly receive spot bids to compare side-by-side with their regularly negotiated rates all from inside a single system. This provides carriers with direct access to shippers with available freight and helps shippers expand their booking options.

One Kuebix customer has reported saving $15,000 on 55 shipments every 30 days on a single lane by using Community Load Match. That’s an annual savings of $180,000. Kuebix users are seeing substantial bottom-line savings like this shipper by leveraging the free Community Load Match service all without the hassle of manually calling and emailing carriers to receive quotes. Instead, users simply post their loads to Community Load Match and their freight is bid on by any of the community’s thousands of carriers.

Carriers and brokers are also benefiting from Community Load Match as it gives them direct access to shippers with capacity needs. Instead of putting more “boots on the ground” by expanding a field sales team, carriers can instead leverage the connections they make through Community Load Match to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

“Kuebix Community Load Match has been a tremendous solution for us!” said Show Me Global Logistics’ Co-Founder, Dave Ausbury. “When a Kuebix user posts to Community Load Match, we get the opportunity to bid on their freight. Once we’ve been awarded the load, we get the opportunity to prove ourselves to the shipper, do our due diligence to identify their needs, and continue to win their business. It’s like having another salesperson on the street!”

Community Load Match is one of the many features within Kuebix TMS that provide win-wins for shippers and carriers alike. Kuebix recently announced that over 20,000 companies have signed up for its TMS and this number is only expected to grow as the network effect in transportation management presents more and more opportunities for Kuebix community members to connect and collaborate.

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