2021 Magic Quadrants for TMS & RTTVP by Gartner

There is no denying the importance of shipment visibility, both for the people managing the shipments and the end customers. We know achieving full visibility in your day-to-day logistics operations is easier said than done, but integrating a visibility & TMS solution can help you realize this vision.

The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrants for Transportation Management Systems and Real Time Transportation Visibility Platforms take a look at the vendors in these areas. Kuebix and Trimble Visibility solutions were recognized in both as Challengers. 

Download your complimentary copies of these TWO Gartner Magic Quadrant reports to start your road to full visibility.

Driving Supplier, Carrier and Customer Collaboration

If your orders never change, promise dates are always 100% accurate and your warehouse or distribution center runs like a finely oiled machine, there really is no need to read any further. But if you are like most companies, you are struggling to achieve visibility and control over your supply chain to effectively manage your cost of goods and consistently meet the expectations of your internal and external customers.

Use this guide to learn how to leverage technology that provides a platform where suppliers, carriers and their customers are not only sharing information but also dynamically planning and executing their logistics operations collaboratively.