180 Innovations Case Study

180 Innovations Case Study

180 Innovations Keeps Up with Company’s Speed of Growth with Kuebix TMS

Kuebix TMS Enables 180 Innovations to Keep Up with Increased Shipment Volume without Scaling Old Processes

Inmod Case Study Kuebix

Inmod Case Study

Inmod Speeds Up Their Supply Chain with Kuebix TMS

Kuebix TMS has enabled Inmod to grow their business, speed up their supply chain and expand their carrier network. Download the case study to learn what is a transportation management system and how it helped Inmod.



Hyperline Cabling Systems - Case Study - Kuebix

Hyperline Case Study

Hyperline Takes Control of Their Supply Chain, Increases Productivity

Kuebix TMS Saves Hyperline Cabling Systems Valuable Time and Exceeds Expectations by Increasing Productivity and Delivering Actionable Analytics

Holman Case Study

Kuebix saves a National Powertrain Supplier over $270K by increasing supply chain visibility and empowering better decisions.

Overcoming Key Hurdles

Holman Parts Distribution began searching for a transportation management system (TMS) during the fall of 2015 with operational goals of minimizing cost overages due to inefficient carrier selection, improving on-time delivery and increasing supply chain visibility. On the financial front, Holman Parts had too many human resources allocated to manual freight invoicing and was grappling with frequent payment of incorrect invoices.

The Solution

Holman Parts implemented Kuebix TMS across eleven U.S. locations. Holman Parts’ employees were able to immediately begin utilizing the core Kuebix, because Kuebix is a turn-key SaaS solution. Within 10 days, the Kuebix team had integrations in place with Holman Parts’ carriers for automated freight audit and pay…

Weis Case Study

Kuebix TMS and Managed Services take Weis Markets’ supply chain to the next level of excellence.

Weis began a project with logistics technology provider Kuebix to help Weis gain better visibility of its supply chain and control the process flow, financials and cost of goods. Prior to the project, the majority of Weis shipments were vendor controlled leading to process inefficiencies and higher cost of goods. Kuebix proposed a technology-based solution that included Kuebix TMS to manage Weis inbound shipments and Kuebix Managed Services to partially outsource transportation management.

Cloud TMS: Weis Markets streamlines “both sides” of the DC door

Download the case study to learn what is a cloud transportation management system (TMS) and how it helped Weis Markets.