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Kuebix ERP Integration with NetSuite

NetSuite and Kuebix have partnered to offer out-of-the-box and customizable integrations to companies who wish to connect their ERP functionalities with their TMS processes. By integrating NetSuite with Kuebix TMS, users can streamline their shipping processes, cut down on human error, and position themselves to make the best strategic decisions with the help of advanced reporting.

Kuebix YMS

Kuebix YMS

Optimized Yard Management

Is lack of control in your yard leading to missed appointments, lost product, and asset/carrier backups? Kuebix’s yard management system (YMS) is a scalable, user-friendly solution offering rapid implementation and return on investment. Whether you are looking for a single module such as gate check, or a complete yard management solution, Kuebix YMS delivers the visibility companies need to optimize their gate, dock, assets and yard.

CPG Industry

A TMS for the CPG Industry

Features Our CPG Partners Love

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are growing as convenience, drug and discount retailers gain industry presence due to offering their patrons excellent customer experience. Supplying these smaller format stores, combined with the general nature of the merchandise, means that CPG supply chains are both high velocity and prone to demand spikes. CPG companies looking to expand their order volume and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction can turn to technology like Kuebix TMS to gain a competitive advantage.

Kuebix TMS offers CPG companies a way to plan for and react to demand spikes and the unpredictable nature of the industry. With visibility down to the SKU level, integrations to external software, and state-of-the-art analytics, CPG companies can gain market share and impact their bottom lines.

Top Five Reasons to Use Kuebix Free Shipper

Top Five Reasons to Use Kuebix Free Shipper

Sign up for Kuebix Free Shipper at kuebix.com/free

Kuebix Chemical Industry

A TMS for the Chemical Industry

Over 290 chemical companies trust Kuebix with their transportation management.

Whether you’re shipping standardized commodities or Haz-Mat specialty blends, at Kuebix we understand the complicated nature of the chemical industry and are ready to provide state-of-the-art TMS services to support your needs.


Container Tracking

Kuebix Container Tracking

International Container Management for Shippers

Stop wasting time chasing container statuses and paying unnecessary demurrage charges. With the help of Kuebix’s International Container Management technology, shippers save time and money while protecting their assets through increased visibility to their ocean freight.

Kuebix Dock Scheduler

Kuebix Dock Scheduler

Manage and Organize Dock Appointments with Ease

Scheduling appointments at the dock should be as easy as accepting a meeting request from a colleague. Without the right technology however, scheduling appointments at the dock with carriers can be a logistical nightmare.

With Kuebix’s Dock Scheduler, carriers are given a way to easily view and reserve available appointment times at specified dock doors in real-time.

Kuebix ERP Integration Highway

Kuebix ERP Integration Highway

Automated Shipment Creation

Integrating purchase orders directly from an ERP system facilitates the rapid creation of shipments by avoiding the need to re-key a long list of order line items, ensuring 100% order accuracy.

The Kuebix ERP Integration Highway is a common integration approach to all ERP systems, making the process smooth and efficient for shippers to adopt.


Kuebix API Integrations

Kuebix API Integrations

Improve Customer Experience and Win Business

Retailers and manufacturers with e-commerce or quoting platforms can connect to Kuebix TMS directly through an open API integration. This enables the shipper to leverage the power of the Kuebix rating, booking, scheduling and tracking engines in a single system, providing enhanced customer service.

SupplierMAX Kuebix

Kuebix SupplierMAX

Managed Service for Increasing Efficiency of Inbound Freight Operations

Traditionally, inbound shipping costs and operations have been a challenge to control. Most companies’ shipments arrive without a plan to lower costs or optimize loads. Many companies have also failed to introduce inbound shipping compliance standards, which can lead to inefficiencies on the dock and within the warehouse. Kuebix has developed a fully managed service, SupplierMAX, that fills this gap and facilitates significant cost savings and efficiency improvements across inbound freight operations.

Kuebix Collaboration Portals

Kuebix Collaboration Portals

Collaboration with Suppliers and Carriers in the Cloud

Kuebix’s Collaboration Portals enable shippers to work together with their suppliers (vendors) and carriers through a cloud-based portal to dynamically plan and execute their logistics operations collaboratively, maximizing communication between all parties.

Kuebix Freight Pay and Audit

Freight Pay and Audit

Automatically Audit Your Invoices

Freight pay and audit can be a very tedious and expensive function. Money is wasted when companies pay outside firms by the invoice while the company may still be left dealing with difficult exceptions directly with the carrier. Kuebix TMS streamlines the entire process, making invoice auditing automatic and the handling of exceptions highly efficient.

Food and Beverage Featured Image

We Get Food & Beverage

A TMS for the Food & Beverage Industry

Food and beverage businesses have complex supply chains with many unique characteristics: tight margins, fresh products that may spoil, expiration dates on products, complicated inbound requirements and more. Getting the right volume of products at the right time, and at the right location, is no easy task. Visibility into and control of supply chain processes will allow food and beverage businesses to address these challenges while meeting business goals. Download our Datasheet to learn more about transportation management systems (TMS).