Trimble Visibility in Kuebix TMS

Predictive Analytics and Visibility to Shipments in Real-Time 

Trimble Visibility inside of Kuebix TMS is helping shippers gain true visibility to their supply chains. With Visibility, any shipper can track and trace orders in real-time by modularly adding Trimble Visibility as a Premier Application.

Breaking Down TMS Jargon

What Does it All Mean?

There is a lot of jargon associated with transportation management systems (TMS) that many people find hard to navigate. You may never have come across some terms if you don’t have a history of working with other TMSs or other forms of tech. The saying “it’s all Greek to me!” might spring to mind.

If you find yourself lost in the TMS jargon, take a look at this list of some of the most common phrases and terms used when talking about and what is transportation management systems

Load Builder and Optimizer

Create the largest possible, lowest cost shipments for all your freight

Building the perfect load is a challenge. There are countless factors to take into consideration such as delivery date, location, class, weight and size. Weighing all of these factors without the help of technology usually results in missed opportunities and wasted resources. Instead of pouring through spreadsheets and manually grouping orders onto a single truck, Kuebix’s Load Builder and Optimizer can be leveraged to help logistics teams build and optimize the perfect load every time.

Reports and Dashboards

Stay on Top of Key Metrics Affecting the Bottom Line

Shippers can gain access and visibility to every metric of their supply chain by leveraging Kuebix’s actionable reports and dashboards. Carrier and vendor scorecards, financial analytics and tracking dashboards help to ensure that smarter shipping decisions can be made, and a complete view of freight spend is captured.


RFP Datasheet Featured Image


Develop and Conduct a Request for Proposal (RFP) to Source Negotiated Rates with Truckload Carriers

The Kuebix Load Match Group (KLMG) provides a complimentary RFP and lane analysis services, leveraging Kuebix’s load matching platform, to help shippers gain new, direct relationships with carriers.

Kuebix Core TMS

Today’s Transportation Management System

Logistics professionals are struggling with the high cost of legacy transportation management systems (TMS) and their time-consuming implementations. Kuebix solves this by offering a modular, scalable and intuitive TMS platform that supports all modes of transportation.

2020 Corporate Overview Featured Image

Kuebix Corporate Overview

Freight Intelligence Begins Here

Whether you’re looking to find the best shipping rates, manage a growing logistics operation, or discover new efficiencies in a sophisticated supply chain, Kuebix helps shippers take control of and optimize their supply chains.

Kuebix Community Load Match Featured Image

Kuebix Community Load Match

Leveraging advanced matching capabilities and cutting-edge map visualization via Trimble MAPS, Community Load Match makes it easier than ever for shippers to find truckload capacity. Instead of spending countless hours navigating various systems, sending emails, making phone calls, and researching multiple websites to find a truck, shippers can do it all in Kuebix Community Load Match!

Become a Community Carrier Featured Image

Become a Community Carrier

When you become a Kuebix Community Carrier, you quickly increase your ability to find new customers and loads. Think of Kuebix as an extension of your sales team. Kuebix Community Load Match acts as a transparent platform for shippers and carriers to connect, allowing you to acquire new customers at a low acquisition cost!

load match

Kuebix Has Your Truckload Needs Covered

Receive Truckload Spot Quotes with Kuebix Community Load Match!

Every shipper can discover additional savings on truckload freight by connecting with Kuebix’s vast broker ecosystem through Community Load Match. If you have freight to ship and are looking for additional capacity, you can request and receive truckload quotes through Community Load Match!

Kuebix TMS ERP Integration with Sage 100

Kuebix ERP Integration with Sage 100

Integrations between Kuebix TMS and Sage 100 allow shippers to manage freight easily and efficiently. Order information is automatically populated within Kuebix so that rating, booking, tracking and other logistics functions can be completed without wasted time and with complete accuracy

Kuebix ERP Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics and Kuebix have partnered to offer a packaged product integration. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Kuebix TMS, users can automatically integrate their orders and financials to their logistics systems and streamline their shipping processes, cut down on human error, and position themselves to improve their customer experience.

10 Essential Questions to Ask When Evaluating a TMS

10 Essential Questions to Ask When Evaluating a TMS

Knowing the right questions to ask when beginning a search for the right TMS can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 questions it is essential to ask when evaluating a transportation management system. This list will help you gain an understanding of key capabilities and help you start the conversation to find the right TMS for your business.

ERP Integration Kuebix

Integrating an ERP System with Kuebix TMS

Logistics professionals are struggling with the high cost of legacy transportation management systems (TMS) and their time-consuming implementations and limited capabilities. Kuebix solves this by offering a modular, scalable and intuitive TMS platform. And since it’s built on the latest cloud technology, Kuebix can seamlessly scale to meet any company’s complex needs.