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Kuebix TMS ERP Integration with Quickbooks

Achieve 100% shipment accuracy by avoiding manual entry, reduce time-related to keying in orders and provide meaningful analytics for SKU-level cost allocation.

ERP integrations are commonly added to Kuebix’s core TMS functionality to increase efficiencies for users and drive savings. Quickbooks integration allows information like order and product details to flow/feed automatically from Quickbooks ERP directly into Kuebix TMS and vice versa. This means that users don’t need to spend any time rekeying data between systems and removes the risk of human error.

To learn about integrating Quickbooks with Kuebix transportation management system (TMS), fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1 800 220 8610.

Kuebix Freight Pay & Audit

Simplify your entire freight pay and audit process. Automatically pay correct invoices and quickly analyze invoices with exceptions.

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Kuebix Pre-pay & Add

Start your free 14 day Kuebix Business Pro trial and turn your shipping department into a profit center.

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Kuebix claims management

Kuebix Claims Management

Sign up for a free trial of Kuebix Business Pro and start using Kuebix’s claim manager.

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Shipment and Order Integration

Kuebix Shipment and Order Integration

Add the Kuebix Shipment and Order Integration package and stop wasting time entering each shipment.

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Kuebix Reports & Dashboards

Kuebix Shipper

The Paper Store – Case Study using Kuebix TMS

With Kuebix, The Paper Store is worry free when it comes to their logistics operations

Since 2008, the Paper Store has been able to count on Kuebix. Together, both organizations have formed a strong partnership that has been mutually beneficial. Watch this quick case study featuring The Paper Store’s COO, Craig Hewitt.

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Hanover Foods – Business Benefits using Kuebix TMS

Hanover Foods – Case Study using Kuebix TMS

Bizerba – Case Study using Kuebix TMS

Bizerba Saves Money and Manpower with Kuebix

Since Bizerba USA went live with Kuebix in 2017, the company has seen savings of $23,000/month just by using Kuebix to select the best LTL rates and have trimmed their cost-per-pound for shipments down to $.10 per pound.

Watch this quick case study featuring Marc Orlando, Logistics Manager at Bizerba.

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Bizerba Business Benefits of Using Kuebix TMS

Kuebix Business Pro Tutorial