How Happy Feet International Created a Supply Chain Control Tower with Kuebix & NetSuite

Happy Feet International realized the power of automation and having the right operational data. They turned to their partners Kuebix and NetSuite to help them get the power of a fully integrated supply chain execution solution, at a fraction of the cost. By integrating NetSuite with Kuebix & gaining insights across their shipping operations they’ve added new transportation management capabilities that produced six-figure savings and enhanced productivity.

Shipper/Carrier Collaboration Strategies for Procurement Success

Hear trucking industry thought leader Gilbert Aspeitia of Western Flyer Express and procurement technology expert Mike Kennedy of Kuebix discuss specific ways that shippers and carriers can work together more strategically and effectively in the procurement process. During the webinar recording, they cover:

• What is a shipper of choice and why is it so important for shippers to be one?
• How do you align capacity and demand to develop collaborative transportation solutions for shippers?
• How to overcome the head winds of recruiting and retaining drivers?
• How to become strategic with procurement
• How to optimize carrier selection
• And much more

Kuebix TMS + Trimble Visibility Demo

There is no denying the importance of shipment visibility, both for the entities managing the shipments and end customers. Watch this quick demo on Kuebix TMS & Trimble Visibility’s integrated approach to uniting visibility data with TMS software.

To learn more about Kuebix TMS + Trimble Visibility click here.

What the Truck Podcast ft Dave Lemont

Kuebix GM Dave Lemont joins the FreightWaves team on their “What the Truck” podcast to discuss the Connected Supply Chain. Tune in to learn more about:

  • The benefits of a connected supply chain
  • The technologies powering the connected supply chain
  • How the pandemic has affected the industry’s trend toward a connected supply chain


Don’t Fear Bid Season

Featuring Stephanie Williamson (VP – Revenue Management, Dart Transit Company), Peter Coumounduros (General Manager – Kuebix Load Match Group, Trimble) and Scott Minton (Product Manager, Trimble)

Watch the webinar here:

The Smart Way to Move Spot Market Freight with Loadsmart and Kuebix

Moving freight on the spot market can feel like the wild west… but it doesn’t have to.

Watch Casey Monahan, Director at Loadsmart, and Keith Caruso, Operations Manager at Kuebix, discuss how shippers of any size overcome market volatility in the spot market — without heavy lifting.

You’ll learn…

  • How to supplement existing capacity with reliable alternatives
  • How to book the best price available in the spot market
  • How to eliminate surprises and improve visibility by tracking freight in near real-time

Kuebix Community Load Match

With Community Load Match, shippers get a new, valuable source of truckload capacity and carriers fill their empty trucks, it’s a win-win! To learn more email

Talking Logistics w/ Adrian Gonzalez

Dan Clark, President & Founder, Kuebix joins Adrian Gonzalez on Talking Logistics

Hear Dan and Adrian discuss the driver shortage, the capacity crunch and how Kuebix’s new FleetMAX offering is helping address these challenges through filling empty fleet backhauls.

Learn more about FleetMAX. 

H.C. Starck – A Case Study Using Kuebix TMS

How Kuebix Helped H.C. Starck Save Money & Become a More Efficient Operation

H.C. Starck has been able to save money on their freight and improve processes internally and with their suppliers through their collaborative partnership with Kuebix.

Watch this quick case study video featuring Mark Smolinsky, H.C. Starck’s Logistics Manager.

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Sensata Technologies – Case Study Using Kuebix TMS

How Kuebix Helped Sensata Optimize Their Global Supply Chain

Sensata has been able to automate, centralize and get real-time cost and delivery information across their global supply chain.

Watch this quick case study video featuring Janelle Ballerstedt, Sensata Technologies’ Global Logistics TMS Manager.

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Holman Parts Case Study

Holman Parts Distribution – A Case Study Using Kuebix TMS

Holman Parts Distribution Uses Kuebix as a Complete Supply Chain and Logistics Tool

Since implementation in 2016, Holman Parts has leveraged Kuebix TMS as their solution for freight management, invoice auditing, and vendor management. The company uses Kuebix transportation management system across all their distribution centers and knows they are always choosing the most efficient, least expensive way to ship their products.

Watch this quick case study featuring Holman Parts Distribution’s Logistics and Operations Manager, John Conte; and Controller, Michele Morelli.

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The Art of Inbound Freight – Building a Successful Inbound Process

Managing your inbound freight is one of the most crucial parts of managing a successful supply chain, but the fact is… it’s hard!
Check out Kuebix Founder and President Dan Clark discuss how a company can better manage their inbound freight by following a detailed process that ensures their product is delivered to the distribution center with the optimal carrier, at the optimal price.
Interested in a more detailed discussion? Fill out a contact us form and we’ll schedule a time to discuss how Kuebix can help your organization.
Kuebix ERP integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Kuebix ERP Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Achieve 100% shipment accuracy by avoiding manual entry, reducing time related to keying in orders and providing meaningful analytics for SKU-level cost allocation.

To learn more about integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Kuebix, fill out our contact us form or give us a call at 1 800 220 8610.

Kuebix TMS ERP Integration with NetSuite

Achieve 100% shipment accuracy by avoiding manual entry, reduce time-related to keying in orders and provide meaningful analytics for SKU-level cost allocation.

To learn more about integrating NetSuite with Kuebix Transportation Management System (TMS), fill out our contact us form or give us a call at 1 800 220 8610.