Kuebi Sensata Supply Chain Brain

Improving Control and Accountability of Freight Management

Supply Chain Brain 8/2/19

When you’re shipping needed parts and components around the world by just about every conceivable mode of conveyance, you need a reliable transportation management system.

The supply chain of Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of sensors and controls for automotive equipment, aircraft and other applications, is complex. The company ships more than 1.1 billion units globally each year from 12 international locations, using a variety of modes. That means coordinating thousands of orders with heavyweight air, ocean, ferry, train, less-than-truckload (LTL), parcel and hand-carry services for expedited shipments. Sensata knew there had to be a more effective way to manage transportation operations with the help of technology.

The company’s goals were to reduce costs, identify areas of improvement, and gain visibility, traceability and control of global logistics operations. Sensata knew that any piece of technology that it implemented had to be able to flex with the company’s needs, accounting for the complex nature of shipping product internationally. Following an in-depth analysis of various transportation management systems, Sensata chose Kuebix TMS.

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