kuebix it toolbox press release

There’s Value in Connecting Shipping Systems to ERP Platforms

IT Toolbox 7/31/19

By Pierre-Yves Lanneau Saint Leger

MAYNARD, Mass., July 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Companies that can connect their enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms with their transportation processes can radically improve the accuracy of their shipping records.

They can access analytics that will allow them to fully understand costs down to the line item as well as save their time by avoiding the need for manual entries on shipping orders and recording the orders automatically on devices.

Kuebix, a Massachussetts-based tech start-up, has launched a suite of packaged ERP products that can connect seamlessly to the Kuebix Transportation Management System (TMS) software. The solutions can be implemented quickly and increase a business’s return on investment for both its ERP system and shipment software.

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