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Hear Industry Analyst Adrian Gonzalez discuss the current state of transportation procurement and how logistics networks and technology platforms are enabling new approaches.


Mastering the Peak Season Capacity Crunch 2020 Image Kuebix

Mastering the 2020 Peak Capacity Season

The 2020 peak capacity season is upon us, and it is unlike any before it. Combine the typical challenges of the busiest shipping season with the unpredictability and market swings brought on by the pandemic, and you have the makings for both unprecedented challenges and unique opportunities. Today’s market environment is accelerating the need for connectivity and optimized procurement, where both carrier and shipper needs are met.

This webinar discusses how you can prepare yourself with insights into today’s market conditions and strategies for success during the 2020 peak season and beyond. The session features Dan Clark, Kuebix Founder and Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy for Trimble, and Pete Coumounduros, General Manager of the Kuebix Load Match Group for Trimble.

Don’t Fear Bid Season

Featuring Stephanie Williamson (VP – Revenue Management, Dart Transit Company), Peter Coumounduros (General Manager – Kuebix Load Match Group, Trimble) and Scott Minton (Product Manager, Trimble)

Watch the webinar here:

Is Your Supply Chain Prepared for What Happens Next?

The supply chain is seeing massive peaks and valleys in demand for shipping due to Covid-19. As the market starts to heat up again, even more challenges are expected to arise. How do shippers ensure that their lanes are covered? How do supply chain stakeholders collaborate remotely? And how can shippers build their bench of carriers now, so that they can ensure optimal coverage as the economy grinds back into gear.

The answer to these questions and many more are considered in “Is Your Supply Chain Prepared for What Happens Next?” Hear Dave Lemont and Luke Lefkowitz discuss how Kuebix’s cloud-based TMS and the Kuebix shipping community can be leveraged to move past the challenges brought about by Covid-19. Learn how a combination of collaboration, visibility and capacity will position your company for the greatest chance of success.